Wall of Wonder

Published May 6, 2018 by norfolkmountain

The One Who Was Previously Bearded and was known as The Bearded One is once again  The Bearded One and so will now be referred to a The Bearded One again. I hope this is clear. The Bearded One’s famous art is now displayed on a _MG_8187wall here in our mountain home. It is in guest room where we can be sure it will play on the mind of guests and give them sleepless nights. All part of the friendly welcome you can expect in these parts.


More Bank Holiday News

Published May 6, 2018 by norfolkmountain

Every once in a while a creative muse taps Little Mum on the shoulder and she decides to MAKE SOMETHING! It often happens when it gets sunny and she needs a reason to hide in gloom of indoors. She ventured out today and purchased fabric from ‘SUSAN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING SUSAN’ although SUSAN was not there which did cause slight panic in Little Mum. Where is SUSAN why is she not where she should be? It clearly states that it is her shoppe above the door. Little Mum suspects foul play – they do sell needles and pins and other sharp things in there you know. Below is picture of fabric. Little Mum only shows it here as the chances of it ever being turned it chair seat is nil so it may as well get some viewing time before being tucked away in bottom of wardrobe with Little Mum’s 40  year old fabric collection_MG_8186

Bank Holiday Newsflash

Published May 5, 2018 by norfolkmountain

_MG_8183Here up the mountain we have thrown traditions down the mountain side this year and started using the greenhouse as a glass house in which to grow PLANTS! No stationary engines, no bicycles/tandems/rickshaws but tomatoes and peppers.

Oh woe is me!

Published April 10, 2018 by norfolkmountain

Terrible, terrible torridness and strife. I have to do battle with the webzone and it has hardly been invented in Norfolk. Things take longer to invent in these parts as the air is thin. It takes longer to do everything here; make beds, get changed out of pajamas in morning or after lunch, weed gardens and go shopping etc, etc, etc. The only thing we do quicker is read and fall asleep. It has something to do with there being too much sky that is pressing down on us. Do other parts of the world suffer from their own regional problems I wonder? Earlier this week the Doormouse, Little My and the one who was bearded and may become so again as well as myself, Little Mum, did some foot measuring and took a picture to record the moment for historical reference. It is particularly interesting because it is the last photographic evidence of faithful “Goat Feet” bought in Turkey many moons ago and now binned. I tried not to be emotional over the end of a pair of slippers but I did find it very sad. I think in these parts there is more than a tendency to rely on things such as Goat Feet rather than unreliable and basically flakey people. You can spot the family likeness in this photo can’t you? Mystical mail people are withdrawing service and I have to tell All and Sundry. I wouldn’t mind but I don’t even know who All and Sundry are. Do you?

2014-12-25 14.43.51.jpg

No sight is quite so sad . . .

Published January 24, 2018 by norfolkmountain

as a puppy with a limp. Pickle-pup hurt his paw this morning and was a sad little chap. A yellow ball of fluff bravely following the Bobble-doggle with one front paw held up in a constant beg. He lurched and wobbled around and could not join Little-mum on the morning walk. He missed high winds, pelting rain and a field of mud reminiscent of battlefields of the last century. By lunchtime he had made a total recovery and was back to jumping from one sofa to the other chasing Bobble-doggle who held the green hat tight between his teeth.

P.S have tried saying “Ahem I AM the holder of the key”  to mixed responses.

How to get through a door.

Published January 23, 2018 by norfolkmountain

Little-mum is very lucky. She now works in a purpose built building designed with disabled/ differently abled people in mind. And that is why she spends most of her working day trying to get through doors. They have real keys, magical swipe keys, double handles at different heights, they automatically open when there is a Z in the month and automatically close if they do not like the look of you. They do not like the look of Little-mum.

Little-mum now has an extra 8 keys on her key ring and will have to retire soon due to the added shoulder-strain of carrying them. Keys must be carried all day as you never know which kind of door you will meet as you make your way around. Added to this Little-mum is always accompanied by her merry band of friends, some in wheelchairs, some who do not like to move and like to lay on the heated floor and others who run at great speed in the wrong direction.

Today we went through many such doors, up staircases and in lifts to get to a lovely room and when we got there it was time to immediately turn around and go back. And that dear reader is why I love my job – it’s the challenge. The only thing that worries me is what the doors would be like in a world without disabled accessibility legislation. Maybe they would just have two hinges and a catch.

A cosy night in front of the telly.

Published January 10, 2018 by norfolkmountain

“Aa Ha” says The One who was Previously Bearded “That’s her, the one that used to be a doctor and then was a cowgirl in that program we once watched.” “No” says Little-Mum that isn’t who you think it is. In fact is isn’t even who I think it is either. It’s the other one. It’s the one you think is a nurse in the detective drama but isn’t.” “You know, I think you’re right!” says the One who was Previously Bearded. “Of course I’m right,” says Little-Mum “I’m always right.”